Your child may require;

  • A short block of treatment together with a programme of home exercises. A check up a month later can be useful to ensure everything is heading in the right direction.

  • An intensive block of treatment (e.g. daily sessions for a week) to kick start a certain skill or to train a particular area. This can be a good option for school age children as they can be seen for intensive blocks in the holidays or at half term.

  • Ongoing fortnightly, weekly or bi-weekly therapy. This can continue until a particular level is achieved or be ongoing to tackle the continual changes and difficulties which can occur as your child grows and develops.

  • Sometimes parents are unable to supervise home exercises. In this case you may wish the physio to visit more often.

Which of the types of treatment listed above is most suited to you and your child will be agreed collectively.

Treatment goals will be decided between you and the physio. Milestones or specific skills will be broken down into achievable sections and the physiotherapy treatment (and continuing parent led physio) will aim to achieve these goals before moving on to the next goals.

Treatment is mainly play led. The physiotherapist will encourage the child to choose activities so that fun and treatment go together. Often parents (or carers) work in partnership with the physio to ensure optimum results during sessions. It also gives parents / carers competence and confidence to carry on with exercises or positions between sessions.

Private Treatment for your Child

Treatment sessions generally take an hour and treatment is on a requirement basis. Physiotherapy often takes place in the child's home or in clinic but this can be flexible and your child can be seen in their nursery/ school, in clinic or at groups or other venues as required. 

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