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   Stephanie was my daughter's physiotherapist for 18months. My daughter has Cerebral Palsy (Spastic Diplegia type) and needs physio regularly. My daughter progressed very quickly under Stephanie's care and we were delighted when it was noted by other health care professionals that progress was much better than they had anticipated. For instance, our daughter started walking when she was 30 months old. In my opinion the best therapists are those that are not only highly trained and skilled but also open to new treatments and willing to find out more about them. I noted this quality in Stephanie and it helped my family and I immensely to know that we were being supported in this way.

We were very disappointed when Stephanie moved away from London as she is not easily replaced. Bobath trained Paediatric Physiotherapists are like gold dust we've come to realise. She is also much missed by our daughter. However, our loss will surely be someone else's gain! (Mrs Ford)​


We decided to get our daughter extra physio when she 7 months old...we felt the physio she was receiving from the NHS wasn't often enough. That's when Poppy started having physio with Steph. After just a few weeks of physio with Steph we saw a dramatic improvement in poppy...one of Poppys major problems is extension...but after several sessions this was significantly minimised....overall everything with Poppy improved. Poppy has cerebral palsy but apart from a 5 minute conversation when Poppy was diagnosed, nobody really explained or gave us any info about cerebral palsy, they didn't explain in depth how it affects Poppy or ways to help minimise these and what the medical details of it was. I had a couple of information sessions with Steph where she went over everything with me, she provided me with lots of information and advised on what can and can't be done and through this it gave me a much better understanding of Poppy's illness and now I know a lot more on what will help and what won't, which is vital in Poppy's day to day life and for her future. Steph got Poppy to happily participate in physio by using certain songs and play. This helped Poppy relate to the physio much more easily and more enjoyably. Overall we are extremely pleased and feel very fortunate on finding Steph to be Poppy's physio, we know without the intervention of Steph, Poppy wouldn't be doing half as well as she is now doing.       (Mrs Maclaren - Poppy's Mum)


​Steph worked with our son, Calum, from 4 months old to 16 months old. Calum has Cerebral Palsy with Dystonia, and when we first started working with Steph it was difficult to even get Calum in to a position where he was comfortable, no matter do anything else. Over the course of the year Steph helped us to understand how to position and hold Calum, and how to support him so that he could start to experience the world around him himself. By the end of the year Calum was able to comfortably lie on his side, swipe at toys, support his weight through his arms and lift his head from front to back and from the sides. I am 100% confident that Calum would not have made the progress he did without Steph's support. Steph was fantastic with Calum, but in addition to that she was also an amazing source of knowledge and information for us, giving us help and advice on a whole range of areas such as seating / sleep systems / other organisations we could try working with etc. She is extremely knowledgeable, extremely professional, and I hope that one day we will be able to work with Steph again.  (Mrs Lovell - Calum's Mum)​


Our son Leo who is now 5 years old, saw Stephanie once a week for about 18 months. Leo has cerebral palsy affecting in particular one side of his body (upper and lower). Despite sessions being on Monday morning before school. Leo was always happy and enthusiastic about going to physio. Stephanie has been exceptional in presenting exercises to Leo in a way that was entertaining, funny and always in line with what he is interested in most, in his case cars and books!

She has paid particular attention to making Leo's exercises contribute to making him a more independent person at home and at school, whilst building his overall abilities and, as a result, Leo has made fantastic progress over the years.

As parents, we have enjoyed that Stephanie was always willing and very good at explaining to us the rationale behind what she chose to develop with Leo and why he was stuggling with any particular movement.

Stephanie's very obvious pleasure and enthusiasm in working with young people was really key to keeping us motivated and involved about the work that had to be done to support Leo develop his full potential. (Mrs Guichon - Leo's mum)


Our son Jake was just 10 weeks old when our GP referred us to a physiotherapist for Jake's neck position, plagiocephaly, and suspected tortocolis. Rather than wait for the NHS we decided to enlist Stephanie's help. We are extremely glad that we did, and cannot recommend Stephanie highly enough. She was happy to visit our house and immediately engaged with Jake, who was delighted every time she visited. As well as helping us get Jake back on track with his strength and flexibility, she gave us very valuable advice re Jake's head shape, and was always willing to answer questions and see us whenever we needed to.  (Sam - Jake's mum)

[removed]From the age of 14 I went through a series of orthopaedic operations. Caroline was the physio who supported throughout my entire rehab programme, which in the end lasted four years. Caroline is a completely honest and trustworthy person, who I came to see more as a friend than a physio. She was always very professional and gave me so much moral support and encouragement along the way. This enabled me to feel more confident throughout my treatment, but is also something which continues to have a big impact on me! I feel that Caroline went over and above her role as my physio, which made it very difficult to say the final goodbye!! I still need physio now and then, but I have yet to find someone with the gentle confidence that Caroline has, whose understanding of how my body works is so intuitive as well as knowledgeable. I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough.   


 When I was thirteen I decided to undergo multi incremental level surgery in order to help improve my mobility that was becoming ever more difficult due to increasing muscle tone in my legs that was caused by my Cerebral Palsy.After all surgical intervention was complete, the journey was far from over. I had to then attend two one hour physio sessions daily during my six week stay at the Children's Hospital Bristol. Caroline was assigned as my main physiotherapist at this time as well for sometime after during follow ups. The bespoke physio programme was hard work, exhausting, frustrating as sometimes my legs would not do what I wanted them to do. Above all though, it was extremely rewarding to show that the long awaited surgery and hard work were paying off. All achieved through Caroline's kindness, caring and warmth that she exclaimed 24/7 along with her brilliant sense of humour and enthusiasm and smile, with myself as the patient remaining her paramount importance throughout the most emotional and difficult of days. Caroline's professionalism , dedication and commitment shone throughout, therapy sessions by keeping them fresh, fulfilling and most of all fun. Physio included testing my balance with games of catch, weight transference through my legs with hula hooping, climbing the stairs of the hospital ( and believe me there are lots of them) and lots of stretching and filming me so I could see my progress week to week for myself to keep me inspired. Caroline made physiotherapy as if i was just off to meet a friend. With Caroline just being herself and with her vision for myself after my physio, she has made an invaluable difference not only to my overall experience and enjoyment from my programme that I achieved but also the result that I have gained and I along with my family members could not be happier with the outcome!! Nearly six years on since I had the surgery, ( Jan - May 2008) as an eighteen year old I look upon my time very fondly with Caroline and to this day and forever i will remain grateful, for her kindness and understanding at the hardest and the best time of my life and the support she also showed my family.                                           

NDT therapy for Woody who has Cerebral Palsy

Kara has been providing physiotherapy sessions for my ten year old daughter for the past four months and her support has been invaluable. Laila no longer has back pains, and her core muscles have strengthened considerably. She walks straighter and more comfortably. Kara has a lovely manner with children/young adults - she explains things to them, and makes the exercises fun by using a bouncy ball. She has been wonderfully accommodating with fitting us in around our busy schedule. The words of my daughter sum it up: "she is very kind, and know her stuff!" (Rolla)

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