RMR Adaptive Personal Training

RMR Adaptive personal training was set up two years ago by myself to offer individuals with both Neurological conditions and learning disabilities the opportunity to exercise and keep fit. I noticed that there were certain barriers preventing people from being able to do what most take for granted.


Since I started different opportunities have arisen and now I work alongside some fantastic Physiotherapists within the Bristol and surrounding areas. With their help I am able to continue physiotherapy routines and exercise plans on a long term basis with clients who would before not have been able to.


We are now looking to take our next step and start working with younger clients, we were made aware recently that there are a lot of children post SDR who need help to regain strength and conditioning.


Both myself and Mike have many years experience working within the fitness industry and have a large amount of exercises to help strengthen the weakened areas after surgery. We are aware that children need to train differently to adults and have purposely adapted exercises to make them more fun and therefore more likely to be repeated.


We are mobile so can set up at any location whether your home, school or place of your choice. Please feel free to look at our website for more info about us.

Rowan Morgan Ruffley

Mike Franklin

Wheen Physio for Children physiotherapists refer children to, and work alongside RMR Adaptive Personal Training. However we are two separate companies and Wheen Physio for Children can not be held responsible for work done by RMR Adaptive Personal Training.

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