Locations for Children's Physiotherapy

Children respond to different situations and environments in positive or negative ways. To ensure your child's therapy is as effective as possible, you may want to consider different locations for therapy.

Children often feel most comfortable and confident in their own home. If they have sensory or emotional and behavioural difficulties, home may be somewhere where they feel safe and confident. New places with their different visual inputs, smells and strange toys may cause overload or agitate your child. Therefore treatment at home can be preferable to ensure the child gets the most out of the session.


In the home, the available toys and equipment can also be used so that you can continue the physio with your own equipment once the physiotherapist has gone. Advice regarding additional toys or physio equipment which would be of benefit for your child would also be available from your physiotherapist.


Home therapy may also be more practical with busy schedules and/or siblings.



Your child may, however, benefit more from a clinic setting. A change of scenery and toys or equipment may help him or her focus better and so produce the best results.

Sometimes the home environment doesn't allow for the movement and activities needed for therapy so a clinic setting can be preferable.

Our clinic room is based at Freeways day centre in Abbots Leigh. The clinic room is fully equipped wth physio equipment and toys making therapy varied and motivating.


Pain and musculoskeletal physiotherapy is carried out in clinic in Bath or Bruton

Rheumatology physiotherapy is carried out in clinic in Taunton.​​

Sometimes it is more advisable to see children in their school or nursery where they spend a lot of their time. If there is a teaching assistant that your child works with, then the therapy can be incoroporated into their daily routine. The physiotherapist can also advise on school equipment or methods to improve your child's day to day physical life at school.

The school and local NHS physiotherapist will need to be consulted before private physiotherapy can take place at school or nursery.

Home Visits

Children's Physiotherapy in Clinic

Physiotherapy at Nursery and School

Children's Hydrotherapy at Freeways

Your child may also benefit from hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy offers exercise in a fun and new setting to keep you and your child motivated.


Freeways have a state of the art pool with changing facilities and hoisting available. It is run by highly experienced physiotherapy assistants.


You may want to have some hydrotherapy sessions with a physiotherapist. If you are feeling happy in the pool, your physio can put together a programme for you to do with your child or with help from an assistant.

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