Assessment of Your Child

After discussion with us, you may be decide that your child requires private physiotherapy. Whether this is for a one off check up or for ongoing physio, your physiotherapist will need to carry out a thorough assessment.

​The assessment has 2 parts. Firstly your therapist will ask you for an in depth history of your concerns and the medical history of your child. You may also be asked to bring any relevant reports and letters to give your physio a full picture of your child.


​​The physiotherapist will then carry out a thorough physical assessment. This normally involves the assessment of how your child's joints and muscles are functioning and a demonstration of physical abilities. The physiotherapist will normally ask your child to partially undress to aid the examination. 

The assessment generally takes between one and one and a half hours. However, if your child has more complex needs, it may take longer. In this case it may be better to complete the assessment at the start of the first treatment session. This can be agreed on the day between you and the physio.

At the end of the assessment the physiotherapist will often only need to provide reassurance or some simple exercises to be done at home. However, if your physio has identified areas which require further attention, then this will be discussed with you and a plan for treatment can be agreed. A summary email with written exercises will be provided after the assessment.​

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