Physiotherapy for Children

Make it Fun

One of the key elements of treatment is to ensure your child is enjoying their session. With enjoyment and success the brain is more likely to accept new sensations and challenges and your child is more likely to participate fully and push themselves to improve. This is the case for babies and children of all ages and abilities. Your physio will tailor each session to the right level for your child to keep their interest. This will provide the best therapeutic results and ensure you and your child are keen and happy for more.




The first step in enabling you to provide the best care for your child is education around your child's condition and understanding the principles of child physiotherapy. This will enable you to help your child throughout their day instead of just in their physiotherapy sessions or with your excercise programme. Your physio will aim is to empower you with your child so that we can work in partnership to help your child to achieve their full potential.

A physiotherapist works with people with a wide variety of impairments or disabilities. They aim to promote mobility, functional ability and the potential for normal movement. The goal is to improve quality of life through assessment and treatment of the muscle, joints and the nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves).   

Children's physiotherapy differs from any other kind of physiotherapy in that it must adapt to the changing and developing nature of a child as opposed to the fully developed adult.

As children grow from babies into toddlers, toddlers into children and children into adolescents, their brains and bodies are changing in different and very complex ways. If this growth in brain or body is disturbed by damage to the brain, congenital difficulties, physical impairments, sensory processing difficulties or for reasons unknown, the body can follow a different pattern of growth which can veer away from normal development. The child continues to develop along an abnormal path, causing difficulties and challenges to living a full and active life.

A paediatric physiotherapist uses knowledge of child development including brain and musculoskeletal development, development of internal organs and systems, sensory development, emotional, environmental and social influences to train and guide the child towards more normal growth and development. The aim is to help achieve more normal development. This, in turn, will influence the other parts of development including cognition, self esteem and emotional development, social interaction and educational development allowing the child to achieve the most in their whole developing life (within their limitations)

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