If your child seems to be lagging behind, there is, more often than not, nothing to worry about. We can provide a one off assessment to hopefully allay your concerns. However, if we find a problem then early intervention is absolutely key to success. Contrary to popular belief, it is also never too late to influence and improve a child's development.

From birth onwards, if your baby has any of the following symptoms, it would be a good idea to bring your child to an experienced paediatric physiotherapist to assess the situation. Often we can quickly put your mind at ease or point you in the right direction with simple exercises to perform. 

  • Floppy neck - poor head control past 3 months old

  • Assymmetry in the use of limbs, where one side is obviously being used more than the other

  • Keeping one hand in a fist or kicking with one leg more than the other as a baby

  • Repetitive movements lacking variety

  • Difficulty putting nappy on due to stiffness of the legs

  • Difficulty getting your baby to bend in the middle from a standing position

  • Keeping toes pointed, especially in standing or supported standing

  • Head turning to one side or tilting to one side significantly more than to the other

  • Significant flattening at the back or to the side of the head which doesn't seem to be resolving itself

  • Delay at reaching motor milestones such as smiling, sitting, rolling and crawling​​

  • Your Health Visitor has remarked that your child is developing slowly

Private Physio For Kids, 0 - 2 Years Old

At the youngest of ages children develop at different rates and it is often unclear whether there is a problem or not. Should you be concerned?

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