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WHEEN PHYSIO FOR CHILDREN provides private specialist physiotherapy for babies and children up to 19 years old in Bristol, Bath, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Somerset and South Wales. The phyiotherapists will treat children who have neurological, musculoskeletal, developmental, orthopaedic, respiratory, rheumatological or congenital impairments which impact on their potential for normal movement. Paediatric physiotherapy is provided by experienced and friendly physiotherapists who have a passion for working with children and their families.

Wheen Physio For Children

​Childrens' bodies and brains are constantly developing and changing. Disruption in one area can impact the child as a whole and challenge all areas of development. ​

WHEEN PHYSIO FOR CHILDREN assesses the whole child and then tailors treatment to help the child enjoy life to the maximum extent possible.

Physiotherapy is provided in your home, in your child's nursery or school or in clinic.

  • We know that there is a severe lack of facilities available for children with physical difficulties to exercise and play. In fact 84% of children with disabilities can't access regular leisure facilities in the UK. (Contact a Family 2016)

  • Some of the benefits of physiotherapy and other therapies have been shown to be achieved through the right kind of exercise. We are aware that not everyone can access private therapy but we know the benefits and feel every child should have the ability to get the right exercise to help them develop their play, motor and social skills.

  • We are building Gympanzees - the countries first, fully inclusive activity centre. The first centre will be built in Bristol and will cater for the exercise, play and friendship needs of the 58,000 disabled children in and around Bristol, and their families.

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